I miss you weekend…come back to me.

7 Jul

What an awesome weekend. After some nice hot coffee, playtime with hubby and littles early on Saturday morning it was off to Walmart.  Walmart has a way of filling my cart with unneeded (but impulsively wanted) junk and by the time I escaped I was out a hundred bucks! I just wanted some damn chicken!!

I grilled up some delicious  buffalo chicken for Wes (one of his favs) and we had good grub and watched the  UFC fight!

Go Silva!!! BTW, what was the deal with Forrest walking out of the octagon and then coming back and interviewing Tito like that? I guess he thought he was going to automatically lose the fight cause it was Tito’s last fight and didn’t want to take his glory…….unsportsmanlike in my opinion.

Started out on Sunday working on my green thumb which, currently isn’t green at all but it’s getting there. I have some potted plants that I bought and never replanted them, so they were sulking in sadness. After, re-potting them they looked a little happier, they had more space and some yummy soil to hang out in. I met a little friend too…

named him George, He looks like a George doesn’t he….

Wes and I took little butt butt to the Oceanside Pier in the afternoon….

I can’t wait for him to be big enough to actually enjoy the beach! We stayed for hours and I got a little pink (Ohhh yeahhh), the joys of having untannable Irish skin! To end our beach day I cheated on my diet and had some ice cream (It was worth every single fattening calorie).

Oh weekend, why do you have to leave so fast? Next time, stick around a little longer! I kinda like you.

Love ya!

Christine Kay


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