Googly-Goo-Ga’s of a Gullible New Mom

13 Jul

Before becoming a mommy I took pride in imagining that I was a professional baby know-it-all. My oldest sister had her first baby when I was just 7 years old so, I grew up changing  diapers, babysitting and helping in general. Through the years our family grew to 6 nephews and a niece and I thought that being the #1 Auntie to a  family full of kids was more than enough training for Mommy-hood. I thought that when the day came that I would become one….pshhht it would be a piece of cake!

Boy. Was. I. Wrong.

I don’t think that being a mom can be taught but can only be learned through personal experience. Being an auntie so early on really did teach me a lot of the tricks of the trade but one thing it didn’t teach me is how to learn not to be that gullible first time momma that freaks out over every whimper your baby makes (good or bad).

At my five-week checkup I went to my OB to get on birth control, I decided on Mirena which is an IUD and requires a quick 10 minute procedure.  Since I didn’t have a babysitter (and Adrian was ready to party) one of the nurses offered to watch him and I reluctantly agreed. That ten minutes felt like two years! My doctor said “Ok, you are all done! That wasn’t bad at all right?” and I replied “I couldn’t stop thinking about Adrian and if he’s crying or upset!” then she smirked, shook her head and said “Awww, you first time mommies are so cute.” Then I thought Humph! What does she mean by that!?!? If I wasn’t a first time mom would I pass him off and think “Thank GOD for these ten minutes of free time! TAKE HIM…TAKE HIM AWAYYY!”

Fast Forward to now….Adrian is 4 months old. He’s at the stage where his head isn’t so wobbly, he loves his bumbo chair, he grabs things (like my hair), and he is very vocal. It is because of his new-found vocal skills that I am starting to see what my doctor meant…..I am the gullible first time mom.

A simple goo-goo or ga-ga and I am right there checking the situation out! It’s quite a guessing game “Is that a cry or a laugh?”, “Is he talking to himself of is he whining?”,”Maybe he’s gassy!”, “Maybe he is teething!”, “Is he hungry?”, “Does he need a diaper change??” “Ahhhhhhh! I don’t speak baby!”

I know this is an evil game devised by my son to play with my emotions! I know this because nine times out of ten I come running to save him from his whimper’s and he starts laughing at the first sight of my face.

My twins advice would be “Pshht, He’s fine! Just let him cry. Sometimes they just need to cry.”  My mom would say “Awww don’t let him cry like that…poor baby” <–aka “I’m so glad I’m done raising kids”……….. Oh me oh my what to do.

I think for now I will just bask in the joy of my new mommy-hood and pick him up every whimper he makes. I will cuddle him, sniff his new baby scent, play with his soft new baby skin, and rub his bald head even if I know in the back of my mind he was crying pretend tears for attention. I’d like pretend to be a gullible mommy for just a little longer……


Christine Kay
“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.” William Arthur Ward


One Response to “Googly-Goo-Ga’s of a Gullible New Mom”

  1. MOM 07/14/2012 at 9:56 AM #

    Enjoy it while it lasts!!

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