Happy Birthday to US (a twin story in photos)

13 Jul

Here is a super old photo of Marianne and I on one of our birthdays. Marianne has the satisfied smirk on her face (left) and I look like I’m guarding my precious gifts with my life (even though she has the exact same ones).

First off I need to begin with a little song from a cool new band.  (Me and my son being silly) I REALLY think they are going to make it big one day!

🙂 Hope you got a chuckle out of that.
Today is me and my twin sisters 28th birthday and because we cannot be together on our birthday I decided about a month ago that I would be on a birthday strike and not celebrate.  Instead of celebrating I will pout all day and think about her and what she is doing…and secretly ponder what kind of surprises my amazing hubby (or fiancée but that’s annoying to say all the time) has in store for me this weekend. My personal strike means nothing to Wes because he is a true romantic and knows that sometimes when a woman says no she really means…..I love surprises!!!

This is what I woke up to…

It’s impossible to mope around the house when you wake up to this face and Happy Birthday onesie!

Here is a closer look of the bottom…..He did in fact have a special present. :Nuff said:

After Wes left for work I walked into the living room to this……Surprise! Even when you are almost 30, there is something about balloons and streamers that make it officially feel like it’s your birthday. (He also must have done this in the middle of the night, I’m a lucky woman)

Wrapped inside a perfect purple (my favorite color) bag was a Zumba fitness XBOX game I’ve wanted! Wes says I’m not allowed to open my card yet because it’s part of a later surprise that he has in store for us this weekend. I’ll make sure to keep you posted (I know the suspense is KILLING you…)

So my hubby pulled me out of my birthday funk but I really miss my twin.

My twin Marianne and I live on different coasts, she lives in Massachusetts and I live in California. We are incredibly too far away from each other and complain about it every other day. We are the kind of twins that would joyously live together our whole lives until we are old farts and can’t tie our own shoes.  One day we will be together again every day, side by side bantering with our husbands like four farts in the wind, That is my wish.

Anyways, wanted to show you random photos of me and my twin that make me laugh and smile. That’s what I enjoy most in life aside from the beach , a nice slab of chocolate cake, Wes and my son (of course).

Marianne and I loved watching Pinky and the Brain growing up. Determining on the day we switch off who is who but obviously……I am the smarter and more calculating one (The Brain) and she is the dorky, awkward, not as cool one (Pinky)

By the looks of this picture (Marianne on the right) it might seem that she is ready to make a sneak attack! This is something we enjoy doing quite often. I can imagine her ejecting me off of this rocking chair and then running away with her chubby little legs!

I am on the left and hahaha I am having  WAY too much fun!  Marianne just looks like a schemer as usual.

Here we are being awesome….I am the one with upside down shades on, Marianne is rocking the backwards cap and we are both looking like boys.  We were serious Tom boys, fishing, mud pies, rough housing, that was our thing…..

This is one of my favorite pictures. Not because we look like we love each other dearly, but because my collar is popped like one of those jersey shore Guido’s. I know it wasn’t intentionally done to be stylish but it makes me laugh. Marianne is going with the more conservative look by tucking her collar in but I like things a little more flashy! (Cue glitter explosion)

Oh god, look at this picture. We really look like boys in this one and on top of that we are wearing “wife beaters”. I think I am tickling Marianne in this picture but who knows….I might be gearing up to bite her face, maybe pinch her, maybe we are doing Eskimo kisses..that’s it. It’s an Eskimo kiss and I’m sticking to it! Most people don’t know what that is but we always did them as little ones. It’s basically when you rub your noses together. Another one of our favorites is a butterfly kiss,  that is batting your eyelashes together.

Here we are FINALLY looking like little ladies in our brownies uniforms. We enjoyed Girl Scouts when there was camping trips and fun things  involved but those meetings in the creepy church on weeknights were really dull. I remember causing lots of mischief and being separated a lot.

Fast forward a bit and here we are taking a picture in the car, you cannot see this but we are driving at top speeds. Looking through old pictures we actually did this a lot! We’re lucky to be ALIVE!

We thoroughly enjoy a nice cold brewski! In our younger days Budlight was our beer of choice (or any cheap crappy beer), now that we are more refined we enjoy  Blue Moon with an orange slice, and wine, and……mixed drinks. Not all at once! I swear we’re not alcoholics….or are we? ::evil eye::

Here is a sweet picture of me and my beloved at a Cinco De Mayo party many years ago. We’re not Mexican but hey! If there’s Corona’s and a Pinata we’re there! At this party I hit Marianne really hard with a bat (maybe a couple of times), I was blindfolded and mistook her bony arm for the Pinata….I swear I couldn’t see her….:side eye..muah ha haaaaa:

“OW! Charlie bit meeeee!”

I always wanted to be the singer lead singer in a rock n roll band (as you can probably tell from the YouTube video)….Marianne would be my back up fly girl of course.

This is a short time in our lives that we wanted to express our individuality (obviously), we don’t even look like twins and we both hated it. Marianne didn’t have blonde hair for long and I’ve since grown my hair out never to cut it short again….

About 4 years ago we went on a family ski trip to Killington, Vermont. The 3rd day into our week-long vacation My ski got stuck in the snow and didn’t pop off  and popped my ACL off instead! The very next day while everyone was out and I was in the cabin all on my lonesome, Marianne comes in on crutches! She tore her ACL too on the same knee…. Coincidence?

This is the first time I caught one of Marianne’s crazy faces on camera! I giggle every time I look at it. We like to make secret crazy faces at each other when we think no one is watching. I bet people actually do see these random faces and think we are weirdos. Are we weirdos? Yes. Do we care? No. (Wes is a first hand witness to these faces and he DEFINITELY thinks were weirdo’s haha)

She thought we were going to take a cute twinsie picture…little did she know. That’s a good-sized bite right there! I bet she has a red whelp for a long time after that one! hahaahaha.

Awww there’s the cute twinsie picture….This was when she was dating her now hubby, pre babies….just frolicking free in the streets of D.C.

Every year we have a big party for our birthday and we call it Crabfest. All of our closest friends, and family get together for crabs, beer, music etc. It started out playing drinking games in the back yard and turned into everyone kids running a muck instead…funny how times change and before you know it you’re an adult.  It’s mandatory to take two group pictures, one regular (but very unorganized) picture and one crazy face picture. This is our last Crabfest and our last crazy face group picture. This was Wes’ first time meeting my family and friends (all at once) and I was pregnant (talk about throwing him to the lion’s den)!

This is the most recent picture of us! I was 9 months pregnant in this picture and delivered Adrian about 2 days later with my twin and Wes by my side (The Labor and Delivery Dream Team). She is the mommy of two and I am the mommy of one now. We will be reunited on August 3rd for our family beach trip in North Carolina I am counting the days (note the countdown on the blog)! That is when I plan on celebrating our birthday because I feel weird celebrating without her!

I love Pon and Zi ❤

I’m so incredibly lucky I am a twin. Love you Marianne and I hope you have the best birthday ever.


Christine Kay


4 Responses to “Happy Birthday to US (a twin story in photos)”

  1. Sue (Mac's Girl) 07/13/2012 at 2:06 PM #

    Cute pictures! They remind me of some of the crazy pictures I’ve taken of my girls over the years.

  2. megannoonan 07/13/2012 at 2:58 PM #

    Love my sisters! Did you say Jersey Shore Guido???? LOL!

  3. jennyekbergstjohn 07/13/2012 at 5:15 PM #

    WOW! I am always interested in reading about twins because I have twins myself. A boy and a girl.. They are just like you 2 in the photo when you are holding on to your toys, particularly my daughter. She is the much smaller, but much more dominant twin! You are both soooooo beautiful! Love from jen xxx

    • lifeaftersingle 07/13/2012 at 5:28 PM #

      Aww Loved your comment! Reading stories about twins because reminds me how lucky I am 🙂 I’ll make sure to follow your blog for my twin fix! 🙂 Thank you.

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