Starfrish and Orca’s and Bears!! OH MY!

15 Jul

I know the suspense of my birthday surprise from Wes has been killing you and I am excited to share with you this morning! Friday night he took me out to get some sushi (one of my top 5 favorite foods) and during dinner I continually interrogated him about my birthday surprise but I guess my interrogating skills are weak because he wasn’t budging. He thought it was quite funny actually.

I needed this glass of Japanese Plum Wine! Yum.

Saturday morning we woke up and he told me that the Grandparents were coming over to watch Adrian and we we’re heading to Sea World! This was better than I imagined! I thought we were just gonna kick back at the beach and get burnt and crispy but no, adventures were in store for us! Wes had been once as a child (California boy) but being from the East Coast Sea World was just one of those really cool far off places I didn’t think I’d ever visit! But here I am!! WooHoo!

With the Grandparents prepped for Adrian Wrangling, we were ready to take off for our date day adventure!

After entering and creating our scheduled plan of attack our first stop was to see Sea Lions Live! On our way there we came across some Pink Flamingo’s.

Aren’t they awesome looking? I’d never seen one in real life (Only the corny plastic yard decorations) but I couldn’t take me eyes off them because they are so prehistoric looking.

we also stopped by an open exhibit of Bat Rays and we both got to touch them! They felt like a huge catfish!

After that we  stopped to pick up a quick bite to eat while we watched the Sea Lions Live show. It was really fattening delicious!

This is amusement park food at it’s best! A spicy sausage, some chips and a Coke Zero! I was so full after eating the Sausage that we decided to carry the chips with us in-case we wanted a snack but we ended up carrying that stupid bag of chips around for so long that Wes threw them away….then I felt bad for wasting money.

Sea Lions Live!

The shows were generally around 20 minutes each and this one was my favorite. The show was a spoof on Saturday Night Live and Dancing with the Stars mixed with a little murder mystery. The trainers were really funny and it was just all around a well thought out, entertaining show. My face hurt afterwards cause I was smiling so much…..

Cirque De La Mer:

This show was cool, lots of awesome acrobatics like you would imagine. There’s was a lot of people flipping and dipping everywhere with jet ski’s and all kinds of stuff going on! It wasn’t very interactive and when they tried to hype the crowd up for cheers there were ::crickets::

off to the next show! We saw a star fish exhibit on our way and got to touch them. Again, I’d never seen a live star fish just the skeleton ones you decorate your house with. They are a lot meatier than I imagined!

Blue Horizons:

This was more like a kid based show. There was a prince and a princess of the sea, Acrobatics, Dolphins and all the kids in the front got really soaked. It was a super cute show and it was  PACKED!

The Shamu Story: WOW, Shamu is amazing! I was in awe of this huge animal! When you see images on TV it’s just not the same. They are huge and they flip and jump like it’s so easy!

Wes and I LOVE roller coasters so The Manta was a must! It just opened a couple of months ago and it was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. We imagined it would be more of a kids ride because it didn’t go upside down or anything but it was FAST! There were many frightened kids in line which always makes me giggle.

Then for the rest of our trip we took off to see some of the other animal exhibits!

The Shark Encounters exhibit was really cool cause you are in a glass tunnel and they were all around you. It was hard to get a good picture because everyone and their momma was taking them with the flash on like the paparazzi.

Turtle Reef! I’m obsessed with Sea Turtles. How could you not love those adorable faces and yellow bellies! I want a pet sea turtle!

The Wild Arctic Exhibit.

This polar bear came right up to the glass! It was so awesome to see one that close! There was an ice tunnel we walked through to get to the Beluga Whales!

so I just had to stick my hand in a pre made finger hole!

The Beluga Whales were beautiful. They are so white and look really muscular for a whale. Just Lovely and there was a newborn baby Beluga nursing on his momma. 🙂

I got to see so many of the gorgeous animals that I’ve never seen before, what a great birthday surprise! He also got me a gift card to Nordstrom…….It’s off to the mall for me!! Love you honey and I hope you all enjoyed our adventure story!

Lots of Love,

Christine Kay


3 Responses to “Starfrish and Orca’s and Bears!! OH MY!”

  1. Anonymous 07/15/2012 at 9:43 PM #

    Sounds fun! Love all the pics! 🙂

  2. Debbie 07/16/2012 at 4:03 AM #

    Love it! You should write for travel magazines!

  3. muddledmom 08/01/2012 at 6:59 PM #

    My kids are dying to go there. Looks fun! Not what I imagined.

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