Let’s FaceTime!

19 Jul



While Adrian sleeps and the house is picked up mommy likes to write or rummage around the house for things to keep her busy. Yesterday I did both. Monday night Wes and I had (very  unhealthy) pizza for dinner and of course we forgot to put the box by the trash can for pickup on Tuesday. After cleaning up the house I stared at it for a bit thinking of what I could make out of it (Because it was taking up my whole counter making me want to cut it). There’s nothing I enjoy more than upcycling unusable things aka trash.

The day was coming to an end and the box sat on the counter and I couldn’t think of anything…then my twin sister called for our daily FaceTime conversation. During our FaceTime convo’s her kids are running ram pit around the house blowing kisses and telling me stories about the day.  I am juggling Adrian in the rocker trying to feed him,  burp him and hold the phone at the same time.

So, for some time I’ve wanted an iPhone stand for hands free FaceTime and that is exactly what I made.

I’ve seen them on Pinterest made of wine corks but…that’s not flashy enough for my taste. (and I didn’t have any corks)

Basically I cut a strip down the side where the side flaps are for the “L” shaped part and then another strip for the back support. I used super glue to attach the two together and let it dry for a second, then I painted it yellow (cause that’s the color I randomly grabbed). After that I wanted to make it a little more interesting so I added some left over Valentine’s Day stickers and used Elmer’s Glue to make some words! That’s it. Nothing fancy…

If you took more than 5 minutes I’m sure you could make yours more professional looking but I’m an impatient messy crafter. 🙂 When I finished I looked at it and I thought…Aww It looks like something my 3 year old niece would make! It still serves it’s much-needed purpose and that’s all that matters!


Today  I won’t be bored playing with trash, it is Adrian’s 4 month checkup! I finally get to see how chunky and long he’s gotten!


Christine Kay,



2 Responses to “Let’s FaceTime!”

  1. Jonathan 07/19/2012 at 1:04 PM #

    Love this! We made a car for our eldest daughter’s dolls out of cardboard boxes one summer – she played with it to destruction. The expensive toy one she got the next christmas never got played with…

  2. Christina Osburn 07/23/2012 at 2:00 PM #

    I wish I could blog. It seems so stress relieving!

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