My newborn is a jetsetter

20 Jul

I flew on a plane for the first time when I was about 14ish…It was a short 3 hour trip from Virginia to Florida and I’ve loved flying ever since. In a couple of weeks my son is going to experience his first plane ride from California to Virginia (8 hours with layover) and I’m feeling more anxious as the days tick by.

I’m not anxious about us crashing or anything like that but more anxious of the unknown.  How he is going to react? The  loud, rumbling of take off to the sensation of your ears popping as you climb steeply into the clouds. Then, being packed next to tons of people who, no doubt don’t want to hear a crying baby. I can feel their glaring eyes already.

Adrian seems to really enjoy being startled and scared, he even cracks up when I say “BOO!” in his face. I also talk to him very loudly like a man with a deep voice, just in case the pilot chimes in over the intercom and is loud and scary. This is my version of baby flight preparation!

My anxiety about this would have been avoided if someone would just invent the teleportation device! I just know someone out there has the smarts to do it! It could already be invented but they are waiting to release it during the Holiday season when travel is at its heaviest. That way they get the most interest possible.

Technology of that magnitude would not help me at all because I would be too poor.  The regular ol plane travel is already too expensive. It is expensive due to the oil and gas it uses which would not be needed to teleport (I would imagine) but because the world is about making money It would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to use this new technology and only the rich and famous would be able to use it.

Then of course they would make a reality TV show about it and show all the of wealthiest people smiling as they board the exciting new device and, are whisked away across the world in mere seconds. That way, regular Joe’s like us can watch them on our cheap, outdated television sets and pout because these things exist and are forever out of our reach.

Unless of course, we are days away from dying from a  horrible illness and make it our dying wish. Then we would have to tell our dying story on this reality show to boost the ratings and the producer would let us look at it and maybe touch it.

If such a thing existed I would tell Adrian the same thing I would tell him about a $1,000 T-shirt…”It looks nice but it’s a waste of money.”

He will enjoy the ol plane ride. It’s like a roller coaster at a theme park that is really drawn out and you try really hard to sleep on  (which is unlike a roller coaster). Since his momma and daddy are lovers of roller coasters, that means he is too.  He will laugh and smile and basically sleep the whole time. All of our surrounding flight mates won’t  glare due to an inconsolable crying baby but instead they will be glaring because he is so happy and sleepy and……perfect. He’s just a jetsetter like that.

tootle loo,

Christine Kay


One Response to “My newborn is a jetsetter”

  1. Lamb3 07/20/2012 at 11:57 AM #

    Still waiting for my first airplane ride….the older I get the less I want to go…lol
    No jetsetter her I guess:)

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