A nasty virus

24 Jul

It seems my computer has caught a nasty virus. I don’t feel sick but something tells me I gave it to him.

Maybe it was the endless searches for coupons, the Pinterest obsession and the Stumbling Upon random websites that did it. I didn’t know that my cyberspace addiction would pass on to my computer but alas it seems it has.

I bet when I am sleeping my computer is up all night searching a clicking just like I do during the day. He’s been doing it so much his lack of sleep has made him delirious.

I’m checking him into the clinic before he reaches the point of no return.

I will be doing tons of crafting in the meantime.

Christine Kay



2 Responses to “A nasty virus”

  1. good2begone 07/24/2012 at 2:09 PM #

    MIght want to invest in a pair of steel tipped gloves with all that planned crafting. Wouldn’t want you to have another finger cutting episode!

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