Sunsets and Marshmallows

27 Jul

I’ve been super busy lately and haven’t had the chance to sit down and write anything. Partially because my computer has gone crazy and partially because I have been getting the family ready for a beach trip to North Carolina…… A momma’s job is never done.

I thought since my computer is being nice right now and Adrian is happy sipping on his bottle I will try to take some time and catch everyone up on recent events!

Last weekend Adrian’s Grandpa and his wonderful girlfriend Robyn were having a get together on the beach and invited us. The plan was to chillax all day and cook out on the beach but being first time parents we are never on schedule and are always running late (Woe is me).

Now, if you live in California you can imagine the traffic from San Diego to the Bolsa Chica area…it was killer. We were already late and after two hours of driving we were finally there. Lucky for us Adrian is a car ride champ and always sleeps the whole time! We got there in the evening a little after five, time to make our introductions, relax and watch Adrian get passed around! There were lots of cute tots running around in their swimsuits and parents grinning at them. That’s always a good time to me!

It was about an hour from sunset, breezy and the sand was chilly on your toesies. 🙂

Adrian, Daddy and Grandpa! Adrian hasn’t seen grandpa in about a month so he was excited!

Adrian says “I love you Grandpa, look at the birds…and the people……and EVERY THING!!”

Side note: He seems to be squeezing Grandpa’s jacket pretty tight there!

The sun is about to set and Adrian is hanging out with his daddy ❤

Adrian and Daddy share a moment

Three generations of Bunn men.

Heading out to see the sunset on the beach…

My great love. That’s some monster cheesing right there! Goodness!

California sunsets are priceless….

Adrian’s under there….it was really cold and windy.

I always wanted a picture like this with my little man! I pictured myself being about 30 lbs lighter though….oh well….in time….:::sigh::

Perfect timing to get close to the fire pit!…I’m one of those people that get hypnotized by fires, I can gaze at it like a zombie for hours.

Time to break out the Marshmallows! Mmm Mmm good.

Nice and toasty!….but I burnt them a little more. The trick is to catch it on fire then blow it out!!

Hold on to your seat Adrian! You are about to get a taste of some Marshmallow!!……NOT. Maybe next year stinker.

Nom Nom Nom

It was a great night. Thanks for having us Grandpa and Robyn! See you again soon! We love you! MUAH!


Christine Kay


One Response to “Sunsets and Marshmallows”

  1. Jonathan 07/29/2012 at 8:01 AM #

    Love the shots of the fire…

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