Catch up Christine!!

13 Aug


Well….I was supposed to do a photo a day on my beach trip but my last post was the 8th and it is now the 13th! My photo challenge went out the window when I dropped my cell phone in the pocket of my beach chair that was full of water and to top it off, our beach house rental did not have WiFi. I honestly didn’t miss social media but because I use my iPhone4 as my camera, I did miss taking a million pictures a day. Not to mention the million pics I didn’t upload and are lost forever.

Since I refuse to lose the Awesome Photo Challenge I am going to catch everyone up with the last five days of the challenge and Ill try to post a photo a day until I get a new phone.  (we’ll see how this goes)

Day 9: Night Time

Wes and I frolic on the beach and enjoy a little night swim after sunset 🙂

Day 10: It’s the little things

Wes and I hang out and watch the kids play in the water. There’s nothing better than family memories at the beach. The little things mean the most.

Day 11: I made it myself

I made an awesome sea turtle sculpture with my little nephew as well as an awesome tie dyed shirt but the photo’s were lost along with my phone. wa wa waaaaa…..this is a pic of nephews alligator sand castle! I love it.

Day 12: Nature, Close up

Soaring Seagulls everywhere..

Day 13: The most important meal of the day

In our family, anything goes at the beach! Chocolate cupcakes before bed…OF COURSE!

Hope you enjoyed! More posts to come about my awesome family vacation to North Carolina!!

It’s a good life,

Christine Kay



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