Libraries and Help Signs

23 Oct

First off I must say, hello again. It has been a long time since I have seen you last and I have missed this (you all).

I have been very busy with a growing baby boy and a domestic goddess sort of life but I have decided to get back to focusing on a little more time for me. Me time which is often spent these days either reading or thinking of writing.

I remember as a kid my mother always took me and my twin sister to the library. The library close to where we grew up in Virginia was a pretty large one compared to where I go now, tons of isles filled with different genre’s, a huge auditorium and a separate stage for story time or other library activities. It was brand new and we had wonderful memories there.

I hadn’t been to a library in those many MANY years since I was a kid. In my teens I never read any books. Mostly, because it was usually a teacher telling me I had to and I was too busy running around with my friends.

Now it is back on the top of my favorites list like it was when I was a child.

My cute little library is only a couple of blocks away from my house. It’s right next to a gas station, dollar store and a barber shop where the area military men get their buzz cuts. There is always an older homeless woman outside next to the book return slot with a shopping cart full of  random things.  She wears heavily clumped mascara, a large coat and always has a sad look.

I usually visit my library once a week and stop in the dollar store for random crafting things while I’m in the area, maybe next week I will give the old woman my spare bucks instead of going to the dollar store. Then again, I never know if she would be offended by me offering money. She never has a sign asking for help, she never speaks and you just never know about a person I guess.

Yesterday, I saw a woman on the corner at the stop light with a sign that said “Need some money for gas so I can apply for jobs Please Help.” I noticed a ton of people giving her money out of their car windows and I wondered why I never see that with anyone else holding signs……It’s probably because her sign showed some initiative to work and be  productive.

I will admit that I am always the person rolling down my window to spare a dollar, even if I have a feeling that what they spend that dollar on is not for their best interest.  It still makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside to think they might have gotten something from the McDonald’s dollar menu or a needed item at the dollar store.

~Christine Kay


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