Momma makes Christmas cheer!

20 Dec

It’s been such a busy year wow! Adrian is now 9 months old and just started taking his first steps! Time really flies by when you are a new parent. It’s coming up on our first Christmas as a new family and I am so excited!

Wes and I made our first venture out to the stores on Black Friday this year. We went to Walmart to brave the crazies together but it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. We came to the conclusion that the baby items weren’t what people go crazy over. We pretty much just grabbed our VTech toys without a fuss! There were really long lines and a hustle and bustle over all of the electronics though! We bought almost all of Adrian’s presents for practially nothing so i’d have to say, I’m officially a Black Friday shopper.

On that note, all of our gifts are wrapped and under the tree…..I made what I call “The baby barricade” to go around it in the hopes that Adrian wouldn’t pull the tree down on top of himself. So far, So good!

Baby barricade

It’s a awesome feeling to write your little ones name on the wrapping paper for the first time. Really makes you think of where you were at a year ago in life. I always said I’d never had kids…..I would have missed out on the best part of life!

Adrian from mom and dadI used to take pride in my ability to wrap the perfect present. Tucked in nice and tight with no visible edges and topped with a corresponding bow and ribbon. Those days are over now. All the presents under the tree are ugly, lopsided boxes and toys! Yes, it was a struggle for me to wrap these presents.

I had to keep reminding myself that it would be easier for Adrian to open but the perfectionist in me wanted to tuck and tape every bump!

PresentsI can’t wait for Adrian to open his very first present on Christmas morning!

On top of all the wrapping and baby chasing I have spent a lot of my time Christmas crafting, cooking, and baking!

This is my first attempt at a wreath! Cost about $3.00 to make and I think it turned out fairly well! (My hot glue gun has become my weapon of choice these days)

WreathI made a few cinnamon ornaments that I love, love, love! They are glittery and smell wonderful! My plan next year is to make a dazzled out cinnamon ornament wreath! (Yes, I am a complete glitter ADDICT!)
Cinnamon ornamentsI also made a few of these snowflake garlands and hung them up on a pre-lit garland I already had before. This was a fun project to do because you never really know what your snowflake is going to look like until you open it!

Snow flake garlandEven though Adrian is still very young and can’t remember this Christmas,I wanted to makeit a very memorable one. This Christmas I wanted to start our family traditions and really get into the Christmas spirit. I made plans for us to do a fun activity every weekend of December.

Our first weekend we went to the Del Mar racetrack to see the lights! We left late in the evening so it was nice and dark, picked up some warm drinks from Starbucks and drove around to see the lights from the comfort of our car. (with the Christmas music bumping of coarse)  This lit tunnel was my favorite part.

LightsThe second weekend I spent doing Christmas crafts for my family. (I won’t spoil their surprise so I’ll share those after Christmas)

and finally this past weekend Wes and I made our first Gingerbread house! We bought a kit at Trader Joe’s and it was the real deal! We had so much fun putting it together and Adrian had even more fun eating it! 🙂

Gingerbread house

Some Christmas Traditions that I plan on starting are: Adopting a family in need,  A new ornament and snowglobe every year, Gingerbread house making together, and a Christmas Eve box which is basically a box you open on Christmas eve as a family that has nighty outfits, snacks and a new Christmas movie or book. I saw this idea on pinterest and I loved it.

What are some Holiday traditions that your family does every year? I’d love to hear! 🙂

Until next time……

❤ Christine Kay


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