I’ll dream of a dream of you.

6 Jan

Today is the day that my family will say their goodbye’s to my Nanny and her physical self. My Nanny passed away on the 20th of December, right before Christmas. It had been many years…way too many years since I had seen her but your feelings for a person like her could never fade or change.

Not seeing her for that long and then realizing you will never see her again is a hard pill to swallow but, I chopped the pill up and I’m swallowing it piece by broken piece.

It comes with the territory thought doesn’t it?…It comes with loss. There’s always more you could have done, something you wish you would have said, more time you wish you could have had. The psychologist in me knows it’s a process.

My family is all in Georgia and I am here in California. It’s times like these that I wish I wouldn’t have gone so far away but, you have to follow your heart and take chances.  I just wish I could have been there during this time for some closure.

Would it had given me any closure?  I don’t know…. At times I don’t even think so.

I think closure comes from within.

My twin had a dream that Nanny came to her like an Angel telling her that she is ok and she loves us.

I believe it was her.

I know that she has a lot of people to see.  I just hope one day she gets to come see me.

❤ Christine Kay ❤


One Response to “I’ll dream of a dream of you.”


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    […] Hummingbirds remind me of when I would visit my Nanny in Georgia, they were always buzzing around all the flowers in her yard.  Every time I see them now, I think of her . […]

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