A gift before the Stork

3 Feb

My brother and sister in law will be expecting a new bundle of joy,

 Isla (eye-lah) Elizabeth

on  or before February 21st.


So, for the past month or so I have put together the perfect gift piece by piece.

I started with this picnic basket I found at the Thrift store. Melissa (sis-n-law) is a “thrifter” too, so I know she will love my finds.

Without saying the exact amount spent, I will just say the basket and all its contents cost around the same price as a brand new picnic basket at Michaels. (and it’s full of goodies)


This life After Single 2 059

This life After Single 2 061

This picnic basket is one of those rare finds that you can’t pass up, and it’s prefect for a gift!

Second item to go in were herbal teas, and since Melissa is a big tea drinker, this is right up her alley.

This life After Single 2 069

I bought these at Sprouts,

 The Pregnancy Tea supports Healthy Pregnancy (as it states on the package) and the Linden Flower tea is said to soothe digestive discomfort and heartburn.

(For any pregnant women with questions about herbal teas and pregnancy, Please consult your doctor.) 🙂

So…….what is some good tea without a teapot??

Tea pot

This little teapot is short and stout, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

If I was a tea drinker, instead of being on a strict diet of coffee and wine I don’t know if I would be able to part with this item but alas, I am not.

Here’s the whole family, including the mugs….

tea set

…….and What would a baby shower be without any itsy-bitsy-weetle clothes?

baby clothes

I’ll give all the mommies a moment to swoon…..I got her a couple of new threads and It really makes you remember how fast they grow up.


(I remember when we brought Adrian home from the hospital he was swimming in newborn clothes for a long time) 

I love to handmake crafty gifts

 To me, they really do mean more than expenisve gifts.

So, I had to throw in a craft from Auntie Kay.

baby letter

Her own princess letter to hang in her room. 

I bought a plain white letter from Michaels and wooden crown for under $4.00, and added my own personal touches to it. I love silver and pink, or grey and pink for a baby girl. Not to mention, Diamonds.


Oooo la-la. What little princess doesn’t want to see shiny, sparkly diamonds on her wall? 

Here is the finished gift basket, packed full of goodies!

In total, I  had a 2 outfits, a baby blanket, the crafty princess letter, The tea set with herbal teas, and a book for Melissa to read!

(pretty good, huh?)

The book “Beautiful, Bountiful, Blissful” was given to me by my big sister when I was pregnant, and its a wonderful book for expecting mothers. I will probably read it with each of my pregnancies, just like she did. ❤

This life After Single 2 080

This life After Single 2 076

I really did enjoy every second of putting this gift together for them.

Congratulations to Melissa and Nathan on your little miracle.

Auntie Kay will be counting the days until the precious, princess Isla gets here! 


Christine Kay


One Response to “A gift before the Stork”

  1. E.W. Spider 02/07/2013 at 2:30 PM #

    How *sweeeeeeeeeet*!

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