The Great Gatsby

4 Feb

I came across this article while skimming through the internet, “26 books to read before they’re adapted into 2013 movies”.

I’ll be honest, usually I don’t care for many books that are made into movies, it’s never what I pictured and sometimes they leave out unique parts that were my favorite.

However, I was taking a break from my usual Mary Higgins Clark and wanted to try out some different genre’s.

In the article there are some titles that I don’t care much for reading, and some that are already in the theaters. So, I picked about 10 books from their list that I would actually go to the theater and see, and put them on my local library waiting list.

I’m picking them up as they come in….

Yesterday, I finished F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s  The Great Gatsby…again.


It’s a great book and a quick read.

I love that when I picked it up from the library it looked like it was read a million times.

Day at the park and jewelry craft 022

Made me smile to think of hundreds of other people who have kicked back in a comfy chair and read it, like I had.

Leonardo DiCaprio will be playing “Gatsby” ,and I think he is brilliant for that role. I can already imagine him in his swanky suit, with his hands in his pockets saying “Old Sport”.

Tobey McGuire will be playing the narrator of the book “Nick Carraway” .  How perfect is he? I always imagined him as a mousey sort of man and Tobey McGuire fits that bill.

The others, well,  I’m not so sure about, but either way, I think it’s worth seeing.

What do you think about the casting of this movie? You can see the full cast here.

Here’s the official trailer!

The trailer wasn’t what I expected. Maybe a bit too much of a modern flair to it, but we shall see.

Reading Gatsby

I just picked up the second book on my list.  Horns by Joe Hill.

Follow up to come in a few days!


Christine Kay


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