Love Quotes on Pillows #1

6 Feb

Today, I revamped some of my old, shabby throw pillows with some dazzling glitter and mod podge.

(I swear you can do anything with mod podge)
Pillow revamp

With a little of my trial and error out of the way – follow these steps and you will have bedazzled pillows in no time!

Lay flat and outline

Step 1: Print out your words or quote of choice in large, bold font.

(otherwise it will be hard to decipher the words through the glitter)

 Make sure it’s lined up how you want it on the pillow and tape down on the edges if necessary.

My all time favorite love quote is Jane Bennet’s answer to Mr.Bingley’s proposal in Pride and Prejudice

 “Yes,  a thousand times Yes”

(Heart flutter)

Glitter pillow and Isla baby shower 095

Step 2:  Use a fine point pen and outline your letters. Press down hard, in fact, you want to puncture the paper a little bit. Then go over your pen marks with a sharpie. Depending on the fabric you might need to go over your outline a couple of times.

(Make sure you place a piece of paper inside the pillow case to protect the other side!)

Glitter pillow and Isla baby shower 096

Step 3: Remove your stencil to reveal the indention in the fabric, and there will also be some sharpie points to guide your next step.  Again, depending on your fabric choice, you may need more of a sharpie outline.

My fabric was very old and thin so, the pen marks did most of the guiding for me.

Glitter pillow and Isla baby shower 097

Step 4: Outline your trace marks with your pen. (No, you don’t need to make it perfect, the glitter will cover up the imperfections)

This is when it got a little tricky for me. At first I was using a paint brush, then I tried to smudge it a little with my fingers…etc. I finally settled on using the tip of a mechanical pencil I had lying around. You could also use a bobby pin or paper clip.

Either way, you will need a small point for the next step…..

Glitter pillow and Isla baby shower 098

Step 5: Take your mod podge in small dollops in the largest point of each letter and smooth it out making sure to keep the shape of the font. It’s ok to go outside of the lines a bit, you can fix that later.

Glitter pillow and Isla baby shower 099

Step 6: Cover each letter liberally with glitter. It’s best to do one letter at a time, you don’t want the mod podge to dry without getting the glitter on.

Glue, Glitter,Glue,Glitter and so on….

Step 7: Shake the access glitter off to show your glitter words. Clean up any access glue or glitter that is out-of-place before it dries.

Now you can see it’s starting to take shape!

 I let the mod podge under the glitter dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Glitter pillow and Isla baby shower 100

Step 7: Cover each glitter letter with mod podge to seal and let it dry overnight.

And viola! Pretty isn’t it?

photo 1

Adrian and his tiger like it 🙂

photo 2

Extra tips: *If you need to wash your pillowcase make sure to do it by hand, or better yet, only spot clean it.

*If there are some spots of glue outside of the lines where you don’t want it. Use a Q-tip with some hot water to dampen the spot really well. After letting is sit for a minute use some rubbing alcohol to rub it off!

It’s a perfect craft to add a romantic touch to your home for Valentine’s Day! The whole project only took me a few hours to do! Hope you make one too!



Christine Kay


5 Responses to “Love Quotes on Pillows #1”

  1. auburnskull 02/07/2013 at 2:40 AM #

    Love this idea I’ll have to try it

  2. joanabarbosa 02/07/2013 at 12:43 PM #

    Reblogged this on devaneiosdolhar.


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