Upcycled Cardboard! Bang! Boom! Pow! Splat!

11 Feb

This was my favorite craft I’ve done so far! It was completely free, easy to make and the parts were a rare find!

The empty box

This is why the parts are a rare find.

My fiancee and I had to move the dresser from our sons room to a different room, leaving his room without a dresser. Since we don’t have a truck to pick one up, we thought, why not order one on Amazon and have it delivered for free? Done and done.

 At first when I finally got damn thing open, I was really annoyed to see a bunch of cheap-o plastic and particle board parts to assemble, until I saw this……

Cardboard pieces inside

Tons of  heavy-duty cardboard! These pieces are very hard to even bend.

I spy with my little eye…multiple crafts…

There are four long packaging cardboard pieces that look like shelves, and that’s exactly what I wanted them for.

A shelf  for Adrian’s room!

Cardboard shelves painted blue

I used two of them to make one shelf. I started off by painting them blue – just some standard acrylic paint – and let them completely dry before moving on to the next step.

View after they are attached together

Attaching them was easy with some heavy-duty spray adhesive. I sprayed the bottom of the “L” shape and pressed the other piece down hard until it was dry. (I always sit on the floor when I’m crafting, haha)

Then, I thought about somehow sealing the edges.

Hot glue acts as caulk around edges

So, I used my trusty hot glue gun as a sort of caulk gun and sealed around the exposed edges.

I could’ve finished right there, and hung it right up, but that’s just not cool enough. 

Shelf with action words 2

I made a sign “Adrian’s Reading Zone” (was gonna be reading nook but my hubby says Zone is cooler….Whateverrr)  and some Batman action words, and  I Mod Podged them on. The Mod Podge also seals the paint and leaves a nice gloss over the shelf so I put it all the way around.

BANG, BOOM, POW, SPLAT!…it was done!

Time to hang it and adore my creation!

I marked my level spot,  pre-drilled holes and placed anchors so the shelf can hold the weight of the books.

Side view of bookshelf

His reading zone is still under construction, I have one more cardboard shelf to make, decorating with more comic book super hero stuff  and he needs a comfy man chair to go in this corner….

Better lighting 2

Adrians reading next to bookshelf 2

He’s already enjoying it :)! (very serious face right there)

I guess I can forgive the cheap-o dresser if it secretly had two shelves and multiple other crafts inside in the box!

Just goes to show you can make anything into a reusable craft! I love upcycling, revamping and reusing any and every thing!


Christine Kay


5 Responses to “Upcycled Cardboard! Bang! Boom! Pow! Splat!”

  1. Debbie 02/11/2013 at 8:26 AM #

    Now that’s using your noodle! Reminds me of making Meg Barbie closets out of your formula boxes when you were a baby!

  2. Tami Landreneau 06/07/2013 at 12:21 AM #

    Great craft. You can get more of those sturdy cardboard ‘L’ braces from any large appliance store. I got a very tall and large box that a refrigerator/freezer comes in and it came with 4 corner braces as tall as the fridge box. I got a 2nd box; one that a stove came in and I made a playhouse for my daughter when she was 4. I cut out a pair of shutters and just folded them to open the windows…..I cut the top/bottom/ and 1 side of the door and folded it back to open the door. I took the oven box and measured bow long it needed to be to overhang the house. I measured 36″ from the left & right of one corner & cut it to form a triangular “roof” . I painted the house and the roof. I made flower boxes for the windows. I used the 4 corner braces to reinforce the 4 corners of the house. It was fabulous. My daughter and her best friend loved playing in it. I don’t think I ever took pictures of it tho.


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