Horror novels…Fiction or Non Fiction?

21 Feb

I haven’t been doing much of anything this week, not much to write about at least. I stopped reading Paranoia by Joseph finder, it just couldn’t hold my interest.  Maybe not my genre, but I could imagine my dad really liking it 🙂 .

I’ll probably just see the movie.  Gary Oldman will be in it, so that is an automatic yes for me, I love him.

Anyways, I finally picked up Heart Shaped Box from the library, I’m gonna start reading it today. It’s looking nice and gloomy outside too, perfect weather for a horror novel (my favorite genre). The author, Joe Hill, is awesome and I look forward to reading more of his books.

Speaking of Horror…What the hell is going on in the news lately? I think writers of horror novels could just get their inspiration by turning on the TV. Lets see….this mornings highlights were as follows…

  • A theatrical style shoot out on the Las Vegas strip killing three people. Literally two cars side by side shooting at one another like you see in the movies. One of the drivers got shot resulting in his/her death, in turn causing a taxi to crash and blow up killing the two passengers. The other car in the shoot out got away. 
  • A stand-off in Encinitas,CA (very close to where I live), a young guy comes home distraught and armed, after someone put a retraining order on him. His mother called the cops because she was afraid for her life and his. After the police tried coaxing him out of his room with tear gas. A gun fight ensued leaving two of the police deputies shot (but not killed, thank goodness). He then turned the gun on himself and took his own life.
  • Last but certainly not least. People in an LA hotel were complaining to management that the water coming from their faucets was blackish, had a foul odor and taste bad. After calling a repair man to check the water tank they discovered there was a womans decomposing body left inside. The worst part is that people were complaining that it TASTE foul.

I’m serious people, I could not make this stuff up. I watched those stories back to back on the news this morning. I am really convinced that everyone has gone mad.

It makes me think about all the other horrific things that happen in this world that we don’t ever hear about. There are some pretty sick tickets out there. Enough for a lot of fictional horror novels to be labeled nonfiction.

That is all.

Christine Kay


2 Responses to “Horror novels…Fiction or Non Fiction?”

  1. Brooke 02/21/2013 at 2:28 PM #

    Maybe this all started 12/21/12??……LOL Nah, people were crazy on 12/20/12 and before! That is crazy about the water tank! I feel really bad for the people that tasted the water!!! That is just gross!

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