DIY carpet gripper!

28 Feb

You know what is really annoying?

Carpets that slip and slide everywhere like this….

Messy carpetThis is our hall/sons bathroom and this carpet is always a hot mess.

I found a brilliant Idea on Martha Stewart and even though she used caulk in her tutorial, I found a hot glue gun works just the same.

What do you need? It’s simple.

1. An annoying carpet

2. Hot glue gun with a couple of sticks of glue

^^^That’s it^^^
No grip on carpetAs you can see there is not gripping at all on the back of this bath mat but I’m about to fix that really quick!

(Oh, well hello there random Cheerio!

Is it just me that finds Cheerios all over the house??

Even in places that you can’t possibly think a Cheerio should be…. Hmm mind-boggling)

Hello random CheerioAnyways back to the task at hand!

Using Glue gunI made solid lines across the carpet (make sure you do it close enough for it to stick to the fibers) and it acts as a perfect gripper when dry! 

Grip on carpetI put about six lines on mine, it’s a pretty large bath mat. I thought this would be perfect for those cheap O holiday themed rugs that you can get from Target or Lowes – the ones that are super thin and slide all over the place. I have a couple of those for different holiday’s and I’ll be doing the same treatment to them! 

Thanks for the idea Martha and Martha’s minions! You’re the best!


Christine Kay


2 Responses to “DIY carpet gripper!”

  1. Brooke 02/28/2013 at 1:22 PM #

    That’s so easy!!! And here I’ve been buying those expensive no-slip mats. They work great, but are very expensive!!

  2. eghamlin 03/10/2013 at 3:18 PM #

    Great post!

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