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Thought I’d share

24 Mar

Dollar store laundry basket=awesome outdoor toy storage!


Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend outside!


Christine Kay


Bird feeder fun with a side order of FREAK OUT!!

13 Mar

I learned this way back in the day when I was in girl scouts. It’s the perfect family time craft in the spring/summertime.

Making a DIY Pine cone bird feeder!

First, you need to take the kids out on a pine cone hunt! You could even get some dollar store  supplies before you head out on your journey. Grab a cool bag to collect them in, a little magnifying glass etc…then they will be all set to go on a super secret mission!

Then all you need to do is spread peanut butter on your pine cones, roll them in bird seed and hang them up! Easy Peasy!

Things you need

Roll in seed

Adrian isn’t old enough to make one himself but he is the best pine cone collector out there and he helped me pick just the right spot to hang it….

Adrian and pine coneHanging in the treeMeanwhile, behind the scenes….

We hung the bird feeder and I put Adrian on the patio next to his Wagon to play while I went inside to grab the laptop. That way I could work on this post while he played in the yard.

To give you a better picture of the situation My laptop was at arms reach inside the back door, I was inside long enough for the screen door to close.

When I returned I see Adrian looking very confused.

Then I noticed that his cheek looked like a baseball player with chew in it.


I swooped the mystery object out of his mouth IMMEDIATELY!!

What was it you ask?

snail ahhThis is officially the most horrifying thing he’s ever done…by far!

I could see it as I pulled it out of his mouth and I screeched! It was seriously like something out of the movie Aliens.

That will teach me to leave him in the yard unsupervised for ANY amount of time!

He crunched a nice hole in the snail’s shell too (as you can see).  So yeah, I had to dig tiny bits out of his mouth.

Then it was off to the bathroom to wash his mouth out and brush his teeth, which he loves. 

So, for him, that confusing moment was over and he giggled the entire time.

Me? I’m not giggling….I’m grossed out.

Just a day in the life! 🙂


Christine Kay

Snail Shell Art

6 Mar

We probably have over 50 snails in our yard on a regular basis. I like to see them hangin around all over the place.

I’ve heard of people painting snail shells as a sort of tracker. It’s a cute idea, but I imagine the paint fumes would be harmful to them.


So, instead of harming my slimy little friends, I went on the search for some empty shells….

I painted this one white and put a small fuchsia heart on it.

Snail 2Back outside it went, as a decoration in my potted plant. It would be cool to see it moving around one day with a new snail in it!

If I had a garden I would paint a bunch of different ones and scatter them throughout!

snail 3Pretty cool huh?


Christine Kay

DIY carpet gripper!

28 Feb

You know what is really annoying?

Carpets that slip and slide everywhere like this….

Messy carpetThis is our hall/sons bathroom and this carpet is always a hot mess.

I found a brilliant Idea on Martha Stewart and even though she used caulk in her tutorial, I found a hot glue gun works just the same.

What do you need? It’s simple.

1. An annoying carpet

2. Hot glue gun with a couple of sticks of glue

^^^That’s it^^^
No grip on carpetAs you can see there is not gripping at all on the back of this bath mat but I’m about to fix that really quick!

(Oh, well hello there random Cheerio!

Is it just me that finds Cheerios all over the house??

Even in places that you can’t possibly think a Cheerio should be…. Hmm mind-boggling)

Hello random CheerioAnyways back to the task at hand!

Using Glue gunI made solid lines across the carpet (make sure you do it close enough for it to stick to the fibers) and it acts as a perfect gripper when dry! 

Grip on carpetI put about six lines on mine, it’s a pretty large bath mat. I thought this would be perfect for those cheap O holiday themed rugs that you can get from Target or Lowes – the ones that are super thin and slide all over the place. I have a couple of those for different holiday’s and I’ll be doing the same treatment to them! 

Thanks for the idea Martha and Martha’s minions! You’re the best!


Christine Kay

DIY baby wipes!

19 Feb

Seriously, when you are in a pickle, you’d be surprised with the things you can make from scratch with items you already have at home!

Wes and I realized last-minute that we were out of diaper wipes. We had two options, 1. Wes would run to the store and possibly be late to work (we share a car) or 2. I find a way to make some.

Well duh,  I can make ANYTHING!

I found this pin on Pinterest and I was all set!

All you need is a roll of paper towels, cut in half. I used a little hand saw and it was messy but got the job done.

Paper towel cut in half

Stuff your paper towels in your container, I used an empty formula can.


Empty formula can

…..and I did make one change.

 I took out the center cardboard piece! That way you can pull each piece like you would a regular pack!

Mix together:

2 1/4 cup of water

2 tbsp of baby wash (I used Johnson & Johnson Bedtime wash , I love the smell)

1 tbsp of baby oil (Johnson & Johnson Baby oil)

and pour it over your paper towels! I let it sit for a few minutes and really soak before I used them.

Pull from the center so it stays nice and neat!

removed cardboard for easy pulling

At first I made these out of desperation for some wipes but, as soon as I started using them I realized, I like them way more than the store-bought kind. Not to mention, they are a fraction of the price!

We buy the Walmart brand (Parent’s Choice) wipes that cost around $1.50 per pack. One paper towel roll is probably the equivalent of about four of the store-bought packs and cost about 60 cents (or less depending on the brand of paper towels you use).

If you do the math and the time it takes to actually make them (2.2 seconds), it really is a no brainer.

Save money and make them yourself!  Thanks a bunch.


Christine Kay

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