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Weave me alone!

14 Jul

When Adrian was about 3 months old I stopped nursing (because I had to) and shortly after my hair started falling out and has been ever since.

Yup, I’m going bald. If you’ve been through the same thing, I feel your pain. When I was pregnant my hair grew so incredibly long and thick, it was gorgeous. Now it is thinning every day.

Dear Hair, I take back all the nasty things I said about you being unmanageable and too thick, please come back!

For about a month now I’ve noticed the texture has changed and my brush is packed full of hair every time I brush it and I’m constantly cleaning up my hair all over the place!

Today after my formerly loved shower time I noticed the largest clump of hair yet and I wanted to scream!

Lucky for me my twin sister experienced the exact same thing and forewarned me. If I wasn’t ready for this I would never leave the bathroom. Her hair feel out the same as mine after her last pregnancy and her hair started growing back after a few months of shedding.

Maybe I’ll have that to look forward to, maybe not. A long time ago I worked with a woman who wore a wig because her hair fell out after pregnancy and never came back. It’s hard being a woman and losing your hair because it’s one of those things that make you womanly, sexy, attractive…etc. It sucks but at the same time, I love weave.

Clip ins wigs, you name it and I want it! It’s even better than the real deal because you can change it from day-to-day! I wish I had a huge array of options like Kim Zolciak from the Real Housewives of Atlanta or like every single movie star in Hollywood. Sadly, I do not, I only have this weave sulking my closet right now.

Meet Rochelle….Yes, I named her. Why did I pick that name of all names? I just figured it sounded like some woman in Texas with big hair that reached the sky!

She’s been sad because I haven’t taken her in public for over a year and she’s dusty, old and heading towards retirement. Who knows, she just might get her chance in the sun due to my balding dilemma. I’ll give her a face lift and put her back in the game until I can get my hands on a newer set……maybe I’ll go blonde, blonde’s have more fun right?


Christine Kay

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