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9 Feb

Finally finished reading Horns by Joe Hill last night, after having to put it down repeatedly! So I am officially in “the book is over” hangover – You know, when you were so excited to get to the end but then it’s over, and then you pout for a day? Yup, that was me last night. (signs of a good book)

Thanks to this book I had an interestingly realistic dream that my twin was the devil!

So yeah, on to the book……

Horns by Joe Hill

It was on my list of books to read from my earlier post on The Great Gatsby. “26 books to read before they are adapted into movies in 2013”

I didn’t even know who Joe Hill  was until I read this book and oh man, he is just as imaginative at thriller/horror novels as his Father, Stephen King. (He looks a lot like him by the way)

I absolutely loved this book and am on my way to reading his NY Times best seller, Heart Shaped Box, another thriller.

Horns, written in five separate parts, going back and forth within the story, kinda like the movie Pulp Fiction. Hell, Cherry, The Fire Sermon, The Fixer, and finally The Gospel according to Mick and Keith (a nod to The Rolling Stones).

The beginning of the book, section Hell, he really draws you in.  Ignatius Perrish wakes up from a blackout night of drinking after mourning the loss of his brutally murdered girlfriend, Merrin Williams.  He stumbles to the bathroom mirror and realizes he is sprouting devilish horns from his head. At first, he is trying to wake up from what he thinks is a bad nightmare, until he notices all the people around him feel compelled to tell them their twisted, sinful secrets.

Instead of losing his mind with his new-found devilish power, he uses it to try to find Merrin’s true murderer, which was unsuccessfully pinned on him from the very start.

The movie is post – production and will release sometime in 2013 with no definite date. Daniel Radcliffe (Love him) is cast as the main character, Ig Parrish and I think he will do well (little Harry Potter is so grown up).

I’m not sure they have the full cast pinned down, but the main line up is here.

Here’s a web search of a promo photo I found.

Side Note:

I might not have picked up on this, had I not known the cast before I read the book, but there are Harry Potter references that I picked up on.

In chapter 22 he describes a waitress as one of the evil witches in Harry Potter, and in chapter 28 Ig  is preaching a devilish sermon to snakes, I hope they don’t make it sound like parseltounge in the movie. 😉

Also, his psychopathic BFF, Lee Tourneau, is described as a silvery blonde (aka Draco Malfoy), but they cast a brunette to play him. Which I think was a good move on their part.

Maybe I’m just hoping that Joe Hill is just a big, dorky Harry Potter fan…like me.

Just an observation.

Seriously, this book is nothing like the Harry Potter series, and I hope they make the movie as gruesome as I read it, Rated R.

What did you think of the book?

Next week…

Paranoia by Joseph Finder


Christine Kay

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