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Catch up Christine!!

13 Aug


Well….I was supposed to do a photo a day on my beach trip but my last post was the 8th and it is now the 13th! My photo challenge went out the window when I dropped my cell phone in the pocket of my beach chair that was full of water and to top it off, our beach house rental did not have WiFi. I honestly didn’t miss social media but because I use my iPhone4 as my camera, I did miss taking a million pictures a day. Not to mention the million pics I didn’t upload and are lost forever.

Since I refuse to lose the Awesome Photo Challenge I am going to catch everyone up with the last five days of the challenge and Ill try to post a photo a day until I get a new phone. ¬†(we’ll see how this goes)

Day 9: Night Time

Wes and I frolic on the beach and enjoy a little night swim after sunset ūüôā

Day 10: It’s the little things

Wes and I hang out and watch the kids play in the water. There’s nothing better than family memories at the beach. The little things mean the most.

Day 11: I made it myself

I made an awesome sea turtle sculpture with my little nephew as well as an awesome tie dyed shirt but the photo’s were lost along with my phone. wa wa waaaaa…..this is a pic of nephews¬†alligator¬†sand castle! I love it.

Day 12: Nature, Close up

Soaring Seagulls everywhere..

Day 13: The most important meal of the day

In our family, anything goes at the beach! Chocolate cupcakes before bed…OF COURSE!

Hope you enjoyed! More posts to come about my awesome family vacation to North Carolina!!

It’s a good life,

Christine Kay



Luggage, Laundry and the Murder of a Monstrous Spider

1 Aug

I’ve been a little MIA lately in regards to writing on my blog. I’ve missed it but at the same time when I get a break from baby wrangling and the blog crosses my mind…..I draw a blank and don’t know what to talk to you about. Mostly because your days are probably very similar to mine and you are looking for excitement and newness in other people’s thoughts. Who am I kidding, my days are full of excitement and newness!

I’m still running around the house picking up clumps of my hair that is continuously falling out.

I’m still having near death experiences with failed crafting attempts (None of which I can share with you because they all turned out deformed and generally busted).

I’m still baby wrangling a 4 month old but he has just upped the ante with rice cereal and his love of spitting.

My house is always a disaster and no matter how many times I do the dishes the sink is always full, not to mention the clothes that are in the washing machine that I forgot to put in the dryer and now they stink.

To top off ¬†that¬†excitement¬†I have been planning our trip back to the East Coast for a Simpson family beach trip. I’ve gone over all my checklists multiple times and Adrian and I are ready to Jet set! My fianc√©e on the other hand hasn’t even touched our luggage! Yesterday, in my attempt to get the ball rolling for him I washed a pile of his clothes that were on the floor of his closet.

When I told him that I cleaned his dirty clothes he said….

Wes: “What dirty clothes??” (very confused face)

¬†Me: “All of the clothes all over the floor in your closet!” (duhhh face)

Wes: ¬†“Oh…those were all clean clothes, I just put them there to get them out of the way” (What’s gonna happen next face…)

Me: :::side eye glare:::

Hmmm, I don’t know about you but the clothes all over the floor on MY side of the room are always dirty.

The other day we were in bed in complete darkness except for the Olympics on T.V. and his bright white dirty floor¬†T-shirt. I saw the largest spider ever just happily walking across his chest and I smacked the crap out of him twice and jumped out of bed and yelled “GET UPPPP….AHHHHH!! After Wes realized that I was not having a mental break, he jumped out of bed and took his shirt off. We¬†searched around the room for quite some time looking for the¬†monstrous¬†spider. ¬†Just when we were about to give up a lay back in our potentially spider infested bed, Wes found its sad corpse on the floor under his shirt. I must say I was quite proud of my ninja like reflexes.

“Sorry I killed you Mr. Spider, ¬†this may have been prevented if my fianc√©e’s clothes were hanging on a hanger and not with all of the creepy crawlers like you on the floor. While you are in spider heaven please tell Charlotte hello for me….I loved her movie as a kid. “

So that is the just of my days lately. Washing a single load of laundry multiple times, washing already clean clothes, packing vacation bags (currently packing Wes’ portion), washing piles of dishes in the sink repeatedly, sweeping up hairballs and wiping baby cereal spit off of me and my giggling baby boy!

Ohhhh a day in the life,

Christine Kay

My newborn is a jetsetter

20 Jul

I flew on a plane for the first time when I was about 14ish…It was a short 3 hour trip from Virginia to Florida and I’ve loved flying ever since. In a couple of weeks my son is going to experience his first plane ride from California to Virginia (8 hours with layover) and I’m feeling more anxious as the days tick by.

I’m not anxious about us crashing or anything like that but more anxious of the unknown.¬† How he is going to react? The¬† loud, rumbling of take off to the sensation of your ears popping as you climb steeply into the clouds. Then, being packed next to tons of people who, no doubt don’t want to hear a crying baby. I can feel their glaring eyes already.

Adrian seems to really enjoy being startled and scared, he even cracks up when I say “BOO!” in his face. I also talk to him very loudly like a man with a deep voice, just in case the pilot chimes in over the intercom and is loud and scary. This is my version of baby flight preparation!

My anxiety about this would have been avoided if someone would just invent the teleportation device! I just know someone out there has the smarts to do it! It could already be invented but they are waiting to release it during the Holiday season when travel is at its heaviest. That way they get the most interest possible.

Technology of that magnitude would not help me at all because I would be too poor.  The regular ol plane travel is already too expensive. It is expensive due to the oil and gas it uses which would not be needed to teleport (I would imagine) but because the world is about making money It would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to use this new technology and only the rich and famous would be able to use it.

Then of course they would make a reality TV show about it and show all the of wealthiest people smiling as they board the exciting new device and, are whisked away across the world in mere seconds. That way, regular Joe’s like us can watch them on our cheap, outdated television sets and pout because these things exist and are forever out of our reach.

Unless of course, we are days away from dying from a  horrible illness and make it our dying wish. Then we would have to tell our dying story on this reality show to boost the ratings and the producer would let us look at it and maybe touch it.

If such a thing existed I would tell Adrian the same thing I would tell him about a $1,000 T-shirt…”It looks nice but it’s a waste of money.”

He will enjoy the ol plane ride. It’s like a roller coaster at a theme park that is really drawn out and you try really hard to sleep on¬† (which is unlike a roller coaster). Since his momma and daddy are lovers of roller coasters, that means he is too.¬† He will laugh and smile and basically sleep the whole time. All of our surrounding flight mates won’t¬† glare due to an inconsolable crying baby but instead they will be glaring because he is so happy and sleepy and……perfect. He’s just a jetsetter like that.

tootle loo,

Christine Kay

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