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Love Quotes on Pillows #2

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day Love Birds! 

First off I have to say to my dearest…

Everyday you look at me like you just saw a shooting star, and you’ve made me the happiest woman on earth! You are my sun and stars…moon of my life!

For Valentine’s Day I had to make my second “Love Quotes on Pillows” post! This time I glittered up a regular ol pillow case for the bedroom! If you are looking for the full tutorial on how to do this click here and it will take you there! 🙂

I followed the exact steps as I did in my tutorial and free-handed the stars and half-moon. 

Purple glitter

Pillow up close

Pillow on bed

 I will be making a special surprise, and preparing a romantic dinner for my fiancée and I! However, our real treat is a night in Vegas this weekend! I can hardly wait!

What is everyone up to this Valentine’s Day?


Christine Kay


Decoupage Puzzle

13 Feb

When Adrian was around 6 months old, Wes and I took him to see The Avengers in the movie theater, and he actually watched some of it between napping! Yes, he napped during a loud action movie in the theater.  He is the easiest baby ever in the history of babies!

 When I found this Avengers puzzle at the dollar store, I had to snatch it up for Adrian’s new comic book/super hero themed room!

Hulk smash


(He was also the most adorable Incredible Hulk for his 1st Halloween 🙂 )

This is such a cool project and all you need is some Mod Podge and a Puzzle!

  1. Put the puzzle together on a flat surface
  2. Mod Podge over the entire puzzle making sure to get in the cracks good
  3. Let it dry completely and repeat step 2 on the other side!

That’s it!

Side view

Hard to believe it this cool wall art only cost a dollar! Looks pretty awesome with his new shelf doesn’t it?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…you can Mod Podge ANYTHING


Christine Kay

Back to the Fuscia

12 Feb

 Getting ready for a romantic weekend in Vegas with my fiancée for Valentine’s Day!

(I’m spoiled, I know)

So I’ve got a couple of days to get de-mommified and fabulous with a baby on my hip – this is gonna be interesting. I actually squeezed in a pedi during nap time yesterday!

My house remained a mess as a result but guess who cares? Nopenot this girl.

glitter pedi

I love my bedazzled pedi!

The color is called Back to the Fuscia<3

 :::spinning:: (<– My phrase for being utterly happy and excited about something)

Christine Kay

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