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Spring cleaning tip!

25 Mar

For the mommies with little ones that are still in diapers, here’s a good tip!

Turn your diaper boxes inside out for smaller garage storage.

Tape it back together and Viola! Easy to label and perfect size for things like keepsakes!



Christine Kay


Clutter drives me crazy!

25 Jul

Clutter drives me crazy! I’m the type of person who starts throwing things away if I feel over-crowded (I get that from my dad). My craft corner was turning into a nightmare of random paintbrushes, Mod Podge, Paint, glues, etc just flowing around the dining room area of my house and I couldn’t take it anymore! I had to come up with something to solve my dilemma (in a free and up-cycled kinda way).  The only thing I had sitting around my house was an empty diaper box (as usual), so I got creative and turned it into my crafting corner box to hold all of my junk awesome crafting things!

Side Note: This box of diapers was given to us as a gift when Adrian was born. I do not buy name brand diapers. I really don’t see the point when store brand diapers are half the cost and I mean…..your baby shits in it and you throw it away! C’mon!

continuing on……

I cut one side off and one of the flap openings…yes I still have all of my fingers in tact!

I used crazy glue to attach the shelf made from the scrap cardboard. Make sure to put something heavy on it so it ad-hears really well. ( I used a vase full of water, random I know)

For the shelf I had two separate pieces of scraps, the short piece from the flap and the long side that I cut off in the beginning. I used the side for the actual shelf part by bending it in and L shape, and I used the short flap piece for support. I attached the support with crazy glue also.

Here is my finished product! I used some glue to attach the bottom flap and held it together with tape while it dried. Make sure you make it so the handles are at the top that way it’s super easy to move around the house!

Now all of my things are packed away neatly and my dining room is not a disaster! I have a portable crafting cubby and…..it was free! Yeahhhhh!

Later Gator,

Christine Kay

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