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The stuff that cures all ails

11 Jul

When I was growing up I wasn’t as lucky as my son to have a stay at home mom. I remember both of my parents working hard to provide for 4 daughters and that meant a lot of fast and easy dinners  like hamburger helper and any kind of helper for that matter. It’s definitely not something I would ever frown upon, working all day,  feeding a large family, getting all of us ready for bed and then trying to get a little sleep before the next day of work.  Jeez Louise, I think my mom was secretly super woman sometimes. On top of that we were all sassy little brats running around fighting like wild hyenas!

It’s not the hamburger helper meals we had that brings a warm fuzzy feeling to my tummy but the momma’s cookin  yummy stuff that I remember so well that was like…the stuff that cures all ails.

My mom made (and still does make) a lot of comfort foods that make you want to nap after eating them. That’s how you know its good, when you fall into a food coma shortly after eating. Stews, Soups, Chicken, Steaks…Just anything that you think of as comforting.

Yesterday, Adrian decided it was the type of day where he wouldn’t do anything unless I was holding him and if I thought he was napping…..guess again. By the end of the day, Wes was running late from work and  I was completely exhausted. I was in the “I want my mommy” kinda mood……but wait……I AM the mommy now.

So that meant it’s time to do something my momma would do and that’s create a huge vat of chicken and vegetable stew!

Now if I would ask my mom for any of her stew/soup recipes she would say…”Chrissy, just throw some stuff in a big pot and let it simmer for an hour. If it’s too thin add some corn starch, if it’s too thick add some water.” Shes a home cook like that, she never measures, she only eyeballs it.  Now that’s the sign of a good cook if you ask me!

With my mother in mind I browned some chicken thighs (3 thighs I had thawed out at the time) then took them out and shredded them up, added some peeled diced potatoes (about 3 large), 1 diced onion, and I had a  bag of frozen mixed veggies that I threw in there with it (if it’s the big bag use half). After cooking for a few minutes I added a cup of milk and then enough water to cover it all. Bring it to a boil then simmer for 30 minutes. If it’s too thin do what my momma says and add some corn starch (about a teaspoon)! Should thicken right up!

One slurp of this and it always makes everything allllll better doesn’t it? I’ll make this kind of stuff for Adrian like my momma made it for me. I hope he remembers it as fondly as I do….

BTW: It’s around 280 calories per serving with 12 servings a pot! Til next time!


Christine Kay


The Curious Case of Butchering Blogging…..

6 Jul


Dear people of the Blogging world!

I have worked for days trying to think of something witty and sharp to grab your attention enough to love me but I’ll admit…I’m a shitty writer. I don’t really want to name myself the Blogging Butcher but who knows I might be just that!


Through my research of blogging, how to make your page stand out, etc I realized that I’m a generalized thought writer, sometimes crafter, sometimes recipe sharer but am I anything in particular? Who knows, maybe something more concrete will come in time.

My older sister says I need to have a concrete Idea of who exactly my audience is so here it is…If you are reading this now you are my target audience and you might find me funny and completely random, you might enjoy my recipes or crafts.  My page is mostly for (dare I say) myself and my need for a creative outlet as a stay at home momma.

My twin told me to just say “Strong, Sassy, Partly Delusional shop and drink-aholic turned shitty diaper changer. The End”.  All the beginning qualities of that statement are true and I must say I really did consider posting just that and nothing else. The end made me change my mind, “shitty diaper changer” sounded too negative because you see,  I really enjoy my new-found job of changing shitty diapers! My son thoroughly enjoys his diaper changes and giggles the entire time! It’s quite joyous you see.


They say that your bio and your first post set the tone of everything in your blog but I don’t necessarily agree. I don’t think it’s the most important thing you will ever write. When you have posted every day for months and months no one will ever even see your first post! There are a million how to’s that you can read but I’ve decided to learn from trial and error. This is the only way I learn because my attention span is now similar to my 3 month old sons.


I found this picture on Pinterest and it made me think of myself…

Then again, who really cares who is blogging and if EVERYONE is doing it? I say if it enriches your life and gives you an outlet to express yourself. Go for it! Even if you butcher it and even if you know it just plain sucks!

:end rant……..blogging officially butchered:


Good day and see you tomorrow

Christine Kay

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.” ~ William Arthur Ward

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