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Spring cleaning tip!

25 Mar

For the mommies with little ones that are still in diapers, here’s a good tip!

Turn your diaper boxes inside out for smaller garage storage.

Tape it back together and Viola! Easy to label and perfect size for things like keepsakes!



Christine Kay


Bangles in Bulk

31 Jan

If you’ve been around lately you probably already know my storage and organizational dilemma’s.  I posted a few days ago about making a Jewelry Frame for my craft/library/spare room. Towards the end I did mention that everything but my bangles had a place to call home.

Well, today I got it done (Pats Back)

Like almost all of my ideas I found these while perusing through the pages of  Pinterest! I swear you can find ANYTHING on there!…I’ll stop there before I get into an obsessive rant about it..

First step was making this floating book shelf

Floating Shelf

This shelf is so easy to make with just simple L brackets from Walmart ($5 for a pack of 4). I put them facing down because I wanted the books to appear to be floating. If you do this make sure your shelf isn’t too heavy (which it wouldn’t be if you are just doing the books) and use anchors for your screws otherwise it could rip out of your wall (No bueno).

L Brackets….and stack your books on top!

Make sure that it’s nice and level (I took the picture at a weird angle but I promise it’s not lopsided like it seems).

Onto step two and the bulk bangle problem solver!

A paper towel holder. That’s it; that’s all. I found this at the thrift store today for a buck! (not bad ey?)

bangle holder

…………………..and viola!………………..


A Paper towel holder to hold bangles is a genius idea so, kudos to the originator of it!

(Side Note:  Seriously, for a girl who can never find the time to wear jewelry, I sure do have a lot of it!)

Jewelry wall

I consider this my jewelry art wall…..now lets play dress up!!  ❤

What do you do with all of your jewels??



Christine Kay

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