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Just a weirdo without Facebook?

8 May

It’s been a while.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately…

Most of it being about a way to have a better relationship with social media. Finding a happy medium between what I am doing now, and completely deleting everything, running off and becoming a hermit in the mountains somewhere.

Don’t you ever just get tired of being plugged in to the world all the time? Aside from Pinterest, Facebook is the one I use on a daily basis and is the absolute worst.

When I first signed into Facebook years ago, I never felt this way (then again, I didn’t have 300+ “friends” either) It was more like family and old friends keeping in touch and I loved it. Now…other than the occasional family photo It’s like a spam site and the spam is meaningless and emotionally disconnected banter, meme’s, Politics, Judgements, and photos of food.

The interesting thing about it is that the people you are friends with havent changed, their opinions haven’t changed and  your opinions of them haven’t changed. It’s the way it’s delivered that bothersome.

Before Facebook I would call “Sally” and Sally would tell me on the phone that she is cleaning the house and having Turkey for dinner and then we would talk about the kids and what to do this weekend, etc. Now, Sally doesn’t call, she doesn’t need to because she already put it on Facebook. Not only did Sally but so did Debbie, Barbara, Sara, Lisa and 200 more of your friends! Talk about information overload.

This is what I mean. This overload of information about everyone I know. At the same time, I am a part of that. I post things all the time that are meaningless like, dinner pics, updates about nothing (e.g. “Cleaning the house today!”) and I like a bunch of those ecards and meme pictures that float around all the time! Sheesh it’s like a never-ending cycle.

A few months ago I made a separate Facebook page and added only my direct family members just so I could only see important family updates and try to end my annoyance of Facebook. That really didn’t work. I had something like 30 family members on that page and Facebook was sending me “You’re a freak, get more friends” alerts every day.

I read somewhere that if you don’t have more that 80 friends on Facebook you’re basically considered a weirdo and if you don’t even have a Facebook, you’re probably a sociopath.

Ahhh, to be one of those people….. I’d really like to be a part of that weirdo clan.

I have only met one person who didn’t have a Facebook page and didn’t care to have a Facebook page. He was basically a genius that had travelled the world multiple times before the age of 30. Not saying he was that way because he didn’t have a Facebook, I’m just saying he wasn’t crazy, and ignorance of the Facebook world was definitely bliss.

Unfortunately, my family is all over the US and I never see them, so, my fantasy of deleting Facebook completely wouldn’t work.

Facebook, It’s not you, it’s me.

It’s obvious that I over use and abuse this site. So, I vow to decrease my use of Facebook to once a week.

Side Note: I’ve also been rethinking the concept of my blog and what I am going to be writing about because of my above rant. This would be a completely new blog but I promise to share more of my random posts on this one until my new creation is complete. I hope you all follow!

Christine Kay

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