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Optimistic Vibes

9 May

Sometimes I mask my pessimistic thoughts with the word realistic, but if I take a step back and realize that optimistic thoughts are also realistic….why not choose the more positive of the two?

~Christine Kay


Just a weirdo without Facebook?

8 May

It’s been a while.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately…

Most of it being about a way to have a better relationship with social media. Finding a happy medium between what I am doing now, and completely deleting everything, running off and becoming a hermit in the mountains somewhere.

Don’t you ever just get tired of being plugged in to the world all the time? Aside from Pinterest, Facebook is the one I use on a daily basis and is the absolute worst.

When I first signed into Facebook years ago, I never felt this way (then again, I didn’t have 300+ “friends” either) It was more like family and old friends keeping in touch and I loved it. Now…other than the occasional family photo It’s like a spam site and the spam is meaningless and emotionally disconnected banter, meme’s, Politics, Judgements, and photos of food.

The interesting thing about it is that the people you are friends with havent changed, their opinions haven’t changed and  your opinions of them haven’t changed. It’s the way it’s delivered that bothersome.

Before Facebook I would call “Sally” and Sally would tell me on the phone that she is cleaning the house and having Turkey for dinner and then we would talk about the kids and what to do this weekend, etc. Now, Sally doesn’t call, she doesn’t need to because she already put it on Facebook. Not only did Sally but so did Debbie, Barbara, Sara, Lisa and 200 more of your friends! Talk about information overload.

This is what I mean. This overload of information about everyone I know. At the same time, I am a part of that. I post things all the time that are meaningless like, dinner pics, updates about nothing (e.g. “Cleaning the house today!”) and I like a bunch of those ecards and meme pictures that float around all the time! Sheesh it’s like a never-ending cycle.

A few months ago I made a separate Facebook page and added only my direct family members just so I could only see important family updates and try to end my annoyance of Facebook. That really didn’t work. I had something like 30 family members on that page and Facebook was sending me “You’re a freak, get more friends” alerts every day.

I read somewhere that if you don’t have more that 80 friends on Facebook you’re basically considered a weirdo and if you don’t even have a Facebook, you’re probably a sociopath.

Ahhh, to be one of those people….. I’d really like to be a part of that weirdo clan.

I have only met one person who didn’t have a Facebook page and didn’t care to have a Facebook page. He was basically a genius that had travelled the world multiple times before the age of 30. Not saying he was that way because he didn’t have a Facebook, I’m just saying he wasn’t crazy, and ignorance of the Facebook world was definitely bliss.

Unfortunately, my family is all over the US and I never see them, so, my fantasy of deleting Facebook completely wouldn’t work.

Facebook, It’s not you, it’s me.

It’s obvious that I over use and abuse this site. So, I vow to decrease my use of Facebook to once a week.

Side Note: I’ve also been rethinking the concept of my blog and what I am going to be writing about because of my above rant. This would be a completely new blog but I promise to share more of my random posts on this one until my new creation is complete. I hope you all follow!

Christine Kay

Horror novels…Fiction or Non Fiction?

21 Feb

I haven’t been doing much of anything this week, not much to write about at least. I stopped reading Paranoia by Joseph finder, it just couldn’t hold my interest.  Maybe not my genre, but I could imagine my dad really liking it 🙂 .

I’ll probably just see the movie.  Gary Oldman will be in it, so that is an automatic yes for me, I love him.

Anyways, I finally picked up Heart Shaped Box from the library, I’m gonna start reading it today. It’s looking nice and gloomy outside too, perfect weather for a horror novel (my favorite genre). The author, Joe Hill, is awesome and I look forward to reading more of his books.

Speaking of Horror…What the hell is going on in the news lately? I think writers of horror novels could just get their inspiration by turning on the TV. Lets see….this mornings highlights were as follows…

  • A theatrical style shoot out on the Las Vegas strip killing three people. Literally two cars side by side shooting at one another like you see in the movies. One of the drivers got shot resulting in his/her death, in turn causing a taxi to crash and blow up killing the two passengers. The other car in the shoot out got away. 
  • A stand-off in Encinitas,CA (very close to where I live), a young guy comes home distraught and armed, after someone put a retraining order on him. His mother called the cops because she was afraid for her life and his. After the police tried coaxing him out of his room with tear gas. A gun fight ensued leaving two of the police deputies shot (but not killed, thank goodness). He then turned the gun on himself and took his own life.
  • Last but certainly not least. People in an LA hotel were complaining to management that the water coming from their faucets was blackish, had a foul odor and taste bad. After calling a repair man to check the water tank they discovered there was a womans decomposing body left inside. The worst part is that people were complaining that it TASTE foul.

I’m serious people, I could not make this stuff up. I watched those stories back to back on the news this morning. I am really convinced that everyone has gone mad.

It makes me think about all the other horrific things that happen in this world that we don’t ever hear about. There are some pretty sick tickets out there. Enough for a lot of fictional horror novels to be labeled nonfiction.

That is all.

Christine Kay

Where the Wisteria Grew

8 Feb

The Wisteria Grew on Forest Glen Rd, in the suburbs of Virginia.

It was brought to Virginia from Augusta, Georgia. Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law dug it up together and drove it all the way up the coast to give it a new home.

When it first got there it was just roots, waiting to grow.

It was small like the children that lived there, four sisters.

In the summers they would have wheelbarrow races. Their big, strong father would pile them up inside the wheelbarrow and run them up and down the hills of the yard until he was bone tired, and they still yelled for more.

When the seasons changed, and the colorful leaves fell, their father would rake up huge mounds for the girls to jump in. One by one they would disappear under the crispy leaves.

The girls loved to climb the trees, they had elaborate plans to build a clubhouse on the top of the tallest one, with wooden walkways from tree to tree, so they could live like the Ewoks.

 The winters came and it would often snow, they would go sledding and run into the fence where the mean dogs were. Afterward, their mom would have hot coco waiting, and they would take their soaked jackets and shoes off by the fireplace in the basement.

One Christmas they got a puppy!

He was a West Highland Terrier, as white as snow. They named him Woody after the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, the bridge they drove over into Maryland to get him.

Woody was a hunter and digger as a youngster, he dug up holes all over the yard and it made his master furious.

During the spring their mother would garden a lot, there were always tall stalks of sunflowers, large bushes of Hydrangea’s, tulips, roses, you name it, she had it in the yard at one point.

and the Wisteria grew….

The roots became thick as a tree branch, and wrapped its way around their back porch, eventually it reached up into a nearby tree.

In the summers they would have a party they called “Crabfest”.  They gathered up all of their friends, ate bushels of crabs, listened to music (usually the classics), played games, drank beer -played games while drinking beer, and if the Redskins were playing, the TV would be out on the back porch so everyone could watch.

Their Thanksgiving table started to get full. Before long, many of the daughters had husbands and children. Dinner was always set up buffet style because, there was too much food to put on the table. After dinner, everyone would be sprawled out on the couches in the basement to watch the game. The girls, now women, would banter loudly back and forth with their mother, and the men would pretend not to mind.

Winters were different now, instead of the daughters sledding, their children were. Their mother was now a Nanny, and making coco for the grandkids. The house full of daughters had grown up. Their kids would wrestle and run around the house and their Nanny would always calm them down with some crafts and quiet time.

Christmas time was now a time for the family to reunite in their childhood home. Presents would spill out from under the Christmas tree and the grandkids would be crazy with anticipation to open them.

Before long their dog, Woody, was an old man, he was no longer digging holes and enjoyed resting in the sun next to the wisteria.  He had a long life of 17 years and was laid to rest in the back yard he loved so much. They planted a tree above his grave so he could watch the squirrels and the birds from doggie heaven.

Woodys Tree

and the Wisteria grew….

The Wisteria grew so big and strong that it started to pull down tree branches, the tree itself had grown so big that it was towering over the house.  During the many storms the tree endured, it had become a hazard.

In the Summer, they planned to take it down, but first, they would have one last Crabfest under the tree. They didn’t know it then, but that year was to be the last of the Crabfests. Everyone gathered again as they did year after year. This time the friends also had kids and the yard was full of playing munchkins. The games had changed into supervising the splashing in the baby pool and rolling around in the sand box. The drinking had decreased drastically, and the conversations were a lot more…edited.

The next day, all the daughters, husbands and children were there, ready to take down their family tree.

Piece by piece it came down, the father, the son-in-laws, the oldest of the grandsons worked as the women watched with the kids. The house was safe now, but different. The time had changed and the world was somehow different, they knew it was the beginning of a new era.

The daughters went back to their homes. Spreading from California to Massachusetts, they had found their own lives and had their own families now.

It was time for the parents to retire and explore, and that’s just what they did.

They bought a smaller house in the south where they were born and raised. The Mother dug up the Wisteria, just as she had done in Georgia those many years ago.

 It would return to the south once again, just like they would.

Roots as thick as a tree.

Christine Kay


Sunny yet Shaded

17 Jul

Just a photo today, nothing special.  No story, no recipe, no crafts…..Just my son and his little changes. Eyes from baby blue to a burst of gold in the middle, who knows what the finished product will be but the changes are fun to watch!

Today we will hang out in the yard together, he will be swinging in the shade and I will be writing in the sun. 🙂

That is all.


Christine Kay

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